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WOW!faucet Guide

Step 1: Sign up for faucethub.io




Step 2: Sign up for WOW!faucet

WOW!Faucet is an interesting faucet as it doesn’t have your typical faucet.  On WOW!Faucet you earn tokens by watching videos, using their LinkWall, using their OfferWall or watching ads.  You can convert your tokens for any of the 14 coins that faucethub.io supports and the withdraw is instant.  We are pretty new to this faucet but it seems to pay a decent rate for the tasks and it is easy to use.  The faucet appears to have been around since 2017 and seems to be respected by other faucet users.  We will only be walking through a few areas of this faucet but as always explore this site and see what features work for you.


Step 3: Using the LinkWall

Click “LinkWall”.

Select the shortlink you want to complete.  You can sort the shortlinks to show the highest reward on top. 


We suggest that when you do shortlinks on any site that you do multiple.  You will get into somewhat of a groove and be able to start completing them at a faster rate.


You will find that some shortlinks are quirky.  You may have to zoom in and out to complete them.  Find out what ones you like and stick with those across all of your faucets.  All shortlinks are similar in that you have to solve a captcha, you will get a redirect, you will have to wait for the timer to expire and then you will have to click a button that says something along the lines of "Get Link". 

Step 4: Using the Offerwall


Click “Offerwall”.

You can use either PTC Wall of OfferDaddy. 

We suggest using the PTC Wall as we do not use OfferDaddy. 

To complete a view on PTC Wall simply click the ad, wait for the timer to expire and select the upside down image. 

Step 5: Surfing

Click “Surf”.

Click “Visit” on add.




“Click to start the timer”.

Let the timer expire and click “Claim Reward”.

As always explore the site.  This guide may be updated in the future as we explore the site further. 

To link your faucethub.io addresses click the withdraw button and there will be a link that simply says “here”.  Click that link and link your addresses.