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Tips, Tricks and Strategy

We will be adding on to this area soon.  For now here are a few tips and a message:

Maximize loyalty and daily bonuses.  On some sites we may only check in once a day but we make sure to keep the loyalty bonus going.  Have somewhat of a blueprint on sites you need to visit to keep these bonuses going.

Mix in clicking websites and websites that have games you can level up.  Sign up for multiple games but focus primarily on one until you find yourself needing to wait or leveling off, then move to a different one.  

Have an idea of the coins you want to earn and what you are going to do with your earnings.  In our opinion hodling your favorite coins is the best strategy.  What you earn today could be far more valuable down the road.  

We are going to have somewhat of a soft launch to check the published website out for errors and to explore some advertising.  We plan on adding much more to the website in the future.  Thank you for visiting. Mobile version will be fixed soon.