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The testing area is for faucets that we are not fully comfortable recommending for a variety of reasons but we feel are worth checking out.  A few of these sites we plan on bringing into our rotation but have not processed a withdraw.  We will never recommend a site that we haven't processed a withdraw for.  Read the short description and decide if its worth testing.    








ZEROeclipse is a cool new economic strategy game.  You build up your base by collecting HP, experience, atoms and resources.  You have to manage your resources, or your base will not produce.  An atom is equal to a satoshi and you start by collecting 14 atoms an hour. 


We are excited about this game.  It is very well put together and the admin is around in the forums.   It has a ton of potential.  We can’t necessarily recommend it yet as we haven’t cashed out.  However, we are going to move forward with this game due to a couple of factors.  Mainly how the website is put together and the presence of the admin.

Minimum withdraw is 20,000 satoshi direct to wallet. 

A couple of tips:  Collect HP as often as you can, watch your resource levels, level up your astronaut and start buying iron.  Iron can be used later to buy resource buildings.  This faucet offers a lot but starts out slow.  Check it out for yourself and see what it has to offer.



Another site with a ton of potential.  Withdraw minimum is 20,000 satoshi direct to wallet.  You earn a pretty good rate for viewing ads, they have a daily bonus and an upgradable miner game.  There is a ton going on with this site and we are excited to explore it.  We will keep you posted and possibly be adding a guide after we confirm some things with the faucet. 









We have mixed feelings on this faucet.  It has 17 coins which is cool as it offers some unique coins, offers a daily power claim bonus and the shortlinks are rather easy.  If everything went as it was supposed to it would be an excellent faucet.  After you reach level 7 you can exchange coins within the site which would be greatly beneficial in meeting withdraw limits. The cons would be that our withdraw took some time, we have sent inquiries to support that have been unanswered for roughly a month and the power claim doesn’t seem to work as it is supposed to.  We are so so on this faucet right now.  The main thing is they did pay so we don’t have an issue continuing to use it, it would just be a lot cooler if support was around.  Check it out if you are not using it and come to your own conclusion.  Be patient with the withdraws and limits differ by the coin.  Withdraws are direct to wallet.

Getcoin - Sign Up Below.

We can verify that Getcoin pays and it pays to faucethub.io instantly upon withdraw.  Getcoin is very similar to the Moon Faucets that we love.  It pays a loyalty bonus up to 100 % for consecutive days claimed and there are other ways to get bonuses and earn.   This faucet has a lot of potential, but we have found some issues with the site itself as far as being glitchy.  We will continue to test it and update later.  Have no worries in trying this faucet, it pays. 













Rai Mines

Straight forward game.  Earn food and water in the market by completing captchas and shortlinks.  Use this to send your miner to the mine.  You can turn on ads for double the rewards.  Purchase more miners in the shop with the gold you earn from mining.  Pays to faucethub.io with a minimum of 2,000 satoshi.  1,000 gold is equal to 500 satoshi, cash out gold at the exchange.




Bitcoin Monsters

This is a brand new find that pays directly to faucethub.io with no minimum withdraw.  Train monsters to level up their skills and do battle against others.  Really cool and unique concept.  Will update in the future. Faucet has been around for two months, may be a good time to get in. 


This one is new to us.  We have saw it all over and decided to test it.  Essentially it is for CPU mining which we normally don’t do but check it out if you like CPU mining on other sites.  Minimum amount to withdraw is 0.00001 BTC direct to wallet. 

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