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Starcoins Guide


Step 1: Sign up for faucethub.io

Step 2: Sign up for Starcoins






Starcoins offers a ton of ways to earn resources and in turn earn bitcoin or alt coins.  It may seem overwhelming upon first login but if you take advantage of the different ways to earn on this site, it can be a good earner for you. 








This guide is long due to how many earning options are offered.  Use the links below to skip ahead if you are looking for information on a certain area of Starcoins.












Step 3: Understanding Resources, How to Get Resources and Other Terms

DM = Darkmatter

Uses – Can be used to deploy DM Reactors, can be exchanged for Deuterium at a rate of 9DM = 100D and is the only resource that can be “exported” for cryptocurrency.  1 DM = 1 Satoshi, however when you export you can get a 10% bonus making 1 DM = 1.1 Satoshi.  This is the most coveted resource, this is what we are trying to accumulate.


How to get – Resources Building, Jobs (battleship required), Expeditions (battleship required), Battleground (battleship required), Darkmatter Production (on overview tab, DM reactor required) and Slots.

D = Deuterium

Uses – This is the main resource of the game.  It is the only currency that can be exchanged (merchant tab) for any other resource.  It can be exchanged for DM at a rate of 100D = 8DM.  It can be exchanged for CM or E, at a 1 to 1 rate.  Can be used to purchase DM Reactors.  Used to upgrade battleship, produce other resources and start jobs. 

How to get – New Atlantis (battleship required), Offerwalls, Shortlinks, Expeditions (battleship required) and Star Rain.


C = Crystals

Uses – Used to upgrade battleship, produce other resources and start jobs.

How to get – Resource Building.  Can be purchased at a 1 to 1 rate in the merchant tab for Deuterium.


M = Metal

Uses – Used to upgrade battleship, produce other resources and start jobs.

How to get – Resource Building.  Can be purchased at a 1 to 1 rate in the merchant tab for Deuterium.


E = Energy

Uses – Used prodouce other resources and start jobs.

How to get – Resource Building.  Can be purchased at a 1 to 1 rate in the merchant tab for Deuterium.


XP = Experience Point

Used to level up your character.  Not sure what purpose the levels serve outside of higher bets on features I do not use.  It is earned by completing tasks on the website


SXP=Ship Experience Point

Used to level up the battleship.  Leveling up allows for an increase in the upgrades you are allowed to have on your battleship.  You earn more DM the more your battleship is upgraded.


Step 4: Purchasing Resource Buildings


This is the first thing you should do after you log in to your account for the first time. 




Click on “Resources”.












You will see a screen like above, but you will have to purchase the buildings to get them up and running. 











Purchase the buildings by clicking “Deploy Now!”.























Start the building production by clicking “Start”.  You may have to start low but keep all of your buildings producing as much as possible.  The ideal times for each resource (highest ROI) are DM = 20 minutes, C = 15 minutes, E = 30 minutes and M = 20 minutes.  We often use the longest option if we are going to be away.  Keep reading if you can’t purchase all the buildings.








You will see a timer after you start production.







When the timer expires click “Get Reward”.




You will see a message stating your reward.


If you do not have enough Deuterium to purchase the buildings, you can earn some by completing these tasks.  You should be able to have your buildings running almost immediately. 




You can access the offerwalls directly from the homepage by clicking “Free Deuterium”.  See the “Slots” section of the guide to see what the offerwall bonuses do. 


Step 5: Earning Deuterium with Star Rain


This step is quick and easy.  Each hour at 13 minutes after the hour a new rain starts.  You must simply join and 35 users an hour receive free resources.  I receive free resources multiple times a day by doing this. 

Click on “Star Rain”.





Click “Join This Rain”.










You will see this message when you have joined.





Winners are listed hourly on the same page under the payout information.


Step 6: Slots

We do not pay for the slots.  Free spins can be earned by claiming 3 free spins every 120 minutes, obtaining offerwall bonuses or earning them in battles and exploration. 

To claim free spins:


Click “Slots”.






Click “Get 3 Spins…”.


Solve captcha and click “Get Free Spins”.



You will receive the above message. 



At this point you can click the above and use your free spins.  You can’t claim more free spins unless your free spin balance is zero.


Offerwall Bonuses:















When your bar reaches 100% you have to collect the bonus.  The bar will not reset and free spins will not be claimed unless you collect the bonus ( a box will show to the right of the bar that you have to click on).


Battles and Exploration:

These are rewarded at random and you will see a +fs when you are rewarded a free spin.

Slots Wrap Up:











Free spin balance is circled, and the spin button is highlighted.  Watch your free spin balance or you will pay for spins from your balance. 


Spin and win. 



Slots prizes listed above

Step 7: Buy a Battleship


At this point you need a battleship to maximize earnings on this site.  Buying a battleship unlocks the Battlezone, New Atlantis, Explore and Jobs tabs.


Click “Shipyard” and you will have some different options to buy a battleship.  We do not have a snippet of the options, but I recall them being between 2,000 – 10,000 D.  We purchased the Hawk for around 2,000 D.  We do not think it is necessary to buy the expensive one as they are all upgraded the same.  Also, battleships are crucial to earning we would suggest a lower cost battleship to start earning right away.


Step 8: New Atlantis (Roughly 1,000 D an hour) (Battleship Needed)


This is an easy way to gain D.  You must complete the 4 steps and collect your reward.  There is a timer of roughly 15 minutes between the steps.


Click on “New Atlantis”.

Click “Do Task 1”.


You will receive a timer letting you know when you can complete the next task, move on to the next task when the timer is expired.




Click “Do Task 2”.







Click “Continue”.



















When the timer expires click “Get Your Bonus”.

You will receive a timer letting you know when you can complete the next task, move on to the next task when the timer is expired.  Task 3 is the same as Task 2 so simply repeat the above for Task 3 and we will move on to Task 4.















Click “Do Task 4”.  This time you will have to complete a shortlink that may contain adult content.  You will once again get the timer.  When the timer expires come back to claim the reward.


Solve captcha and click “Claim Your Rewards”.


Step 9: Exploration (Battleship Needed)

Click “Explore”.


Click “Space Expeditions”


Select one of the options to explore.  A short link will pop up in a new tab that must be completed.  Shortlinks may contain adult content.


You will receive this message when the expedition has started.  Come back when the timer expires.




Click “Check Results!” to claim your reward.


Reward shows for the expedition.  Notice the bonus, this is a consecutive day completing an expedition bonus and can go up to 60%.  Also notice that before you do another expedition you must complete a job.  You are limited to 10 expeditions a day. 

Important Battleship Notes:

Your battleship can only be doing one job or expedition at a time.

You cannot battle in the battlezone while doing a job or expedition

After completing an expedition or New Atlantis series or tasks, you must complete a job before you can do another one.


Step 10: Jobs


Jobs are a good way to earn DM and they are necessary to do in between expeditions and New Atlantis tasks in order to complete these tasks again.  You want to complete the “Lucky Worker Job Daily”.  Outside of that, see what job you like the best.  

Click Jobs.






Click “Start” when this job is available (once a day).


We like this job when the “Lucky Worker” is not available.  If you are going to be away, pick a longer job.  Click “Start”.



Come back when the timer has expired.


Click “Get Reward”.


Solve the captcha and click “Get Reward”.


You will see the above message showing your reward. 

Step 11: Battlezone/Shipyard


You can access the battlezone through either the Battlezone or Shipyard tabs. 


Click either “Battlezone” or “Shipyard”.


If you click “Shipyard” you will have to click “Battle Zone” inside of that tab.  Clicking “Battlezone” on the home screen skips this step and brings you directly to the “Battle Zone”.







Select an opponent to battle and click “Attack!”.  We would suggest attacking low levels as it doesn’t appear to affect the rewards.  You will receive a – hnr (honor) for attacking a lower level but we can’t see that this stat does anything.  You can earn an extra DM by attacking higher level but make sure your ship is stronger, if you lose you don't get a reward.  









Receive your rewards.  Note the very last reward of +4 DM.  This reward is based on battleship upgrades.

To upgrade your battleship click “Shipyard”.


Click “Upgrade”.


You will see the different upgrades and the cost to upgrade.  You can upgrade to the maximum stats of your level.  You only receive rewards when you win the battle and you are only allowed to battle other battleships that are 2 levels or less below your level.  Upgrading is necessary to win these battles and as mentioned above you get additional rewards for your battles as you upgrade.

You can earn Power Points (PP) and Skill Points (SP) randomly in battles and expeditions.  PP can be used to upgrade weapon power, shield power or speed.  SP can be used to upgrade maneuverability, artificial intelligence and pilot charisma.  When you receive these points, they must be used before you purchase an upgrade. 


Hull – Hull goes down as you receive damage during battles.  It can be refilled every half hour at a set amount.










Click “Free Regeneration” to refill Hull at the posted rate.  If you are battling lower ranked battleships, you only have to do this once or twice a day depending on how much time you are on the site.


Step 12: Deploying DM Reactors


This is the investment part of the site.  You can invest your earnings and get paid out daily plus interest on your investment.  A couple hints here.  You will want to start your DM Reactors at a time you will normally be available to check in.  You have exactly 24 hours to claim from your last claim.  If you miss claims, you will not profit as much.  If you miss a lot of claims, you could potentially lose some of your investment.

Click “Overview”.







Click on your planet.  If you don’t know which planet yours is, scroll over the planets until you see your username.























Click “Deploy Reactors”.


To start select DM Reactor 0.  This pays the highest rate, it is cheap, and it can only be purchased one time.  This will help you learn the process while earning.  When this reactor expires, choose a reactor that works for you.  We would suggest choosing the most expensive reactor to earn the most that you can if you plan on using this feature.  Have a plan for what reactor you want next.  You have 30 days to save up and prepare for the next reactor.




When the timer has expired click “Collect” to collect your reward.


Step 13: Using the Merchant to Exchange Resources and Cash out to faucethub.io.

Click “Merchant”.


Click on “Resource Market”.  This is where you can exchange resources for one another.


To withdraw or “Export” click on “Export”. 











You will see the different options to select.  Pay attention to the rates.  BTC for example gets a better rate if you wait until you have 2,000 DM to cash out. 

Select “Order”.



You will receive this message when the order has been submitted.


You can check the status of your order in “Exports History”.


Step 14: To be continued

There is a lot going on with this faucet and I have not tested all the features.  This guide should be a good base to start with.  Feel free to explore and the guide will be updated as the other features are tested.

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