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Satoshilabs Guide

Step 1: Sign up for faucethub.io




Step 2: Sign up for Satoshilabs


Satoshilabs offers a faucet, offerwall and passive mining game.  We love mining games and anything we can get to be passive to some degree.  The miner on this site earns for you 24 hours a day.  Pays directly to faucethub.io after you reach the minimum withdraw limit of 5,000 Lab Flasks.


Step 3:  Faucet



Click “Faucet”.




Solve Captcha and click “Solve Captcha”.



Click “Get Reward”

See Reward and come back to claim every 5 minutes.


Step 4: Offerwalls



Select “Offerwalls”.

There are many options, but we suggest watching Smores.TV videos through AdscendMedia, Shortlinks, MinuteStaff and PTCWall.  Offerwalls earn credits which can be converted into Lab Flasks and are used to power your miner.  Lab flasks are converted to Satoshi to withdraw.  Check out the RandomSatoshi Guide for tips on how to run Smorestv in the background. 

Step 5: Miner

Click “Home”.

As you earn Lab Flasks you can purchase equipment for your miner.  Purchase equipment as you earn to earn passively while you are away.  Purchasing equipment increases your production which increases your hourly reward.

Miners operate best at 100 energy.  Energy is purchased with credits.  Enable “Autofill Energy” and make sure you have credits while you are away.  Energy depletes every hour.

Shows current Reward Pool.  Pool is split per active users based off your production and the pool amount.

Shows your Production Rewards paid hourly per your production. 
















Shows your Active Resources.  Equipment has a shelf live of 90 days.  Track it here. 

Shows your past Pool Rewards from the Reward Pool paid hourly.

On the home page you can see Your Production and Your Next Reward.

Keep buying equipment and building your miner.  As always, explore the rest of the faucet.