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RandomSatoshi Guide

Step 1: Sign up for faucethub.io




Step 2: Sign up for RandomSatoshi and get 1,000 Free Bits!!

RandomSatoshi is our favorite Auto Claim Faucet.  You can level up your claim for each of the coins and earn more claims per session and higher claim reward.  This faucet pays directly to faucethub.io if the coin is in stock.   If it is not in stock it will go into your wallet on the faucet.  From time to time this faucet will run out of coins (like most Auto Faucets) but don't worry, the admin keeps us posted and always refills.  We do not let this deter us at all from using this faucet. 


Step 3:  Earn "Bits" for Auto Claims

Almost all Auto Faucets require that you perform tasks to earn claims.  RandomSatoshi requires that you earn "Bits" to use for Auto Claims.  We will show you how to get started earning "Bits" on the faucet.  

There are two ways to earn "Bits" on RandomStashi.  You can complete tasks under the "Bits" tab and you can claim a daily bonus once a day.  

Click "Bits" 

You will see the different ways to earn "Bits".  Click on Shortlinks, Offerwalls or Videos and it will open the screens below. 

Shortlinks are quick and easy once you get the hang of it.  This is our favorite way to earn "Bit" if we are being active.  Find what ones work for you.  You may have to zoom out on certain shortlinks in your browser to complete the shortlink tasks. 


We only do the PTCwall on this offerall and that is only if we don't want to do shortlinks.  PTCwall requires you view an ad for a certain time and select an image at the end to record the view and get the reward. 

Our favorite way to earn on any faucet is by watching Smores videos.  We will go over how run Smores in the background and earn from the videos without having to watch them.  

Pick any category.  It doesn't really matter which one if you are running in the background.  Click on one.  

A video will pop up in a new tab looking like the above.  Notice the black "Advertisement" tab at the top.  This lets you know that the video is an ad.  This is important because you only get a "watched" credit after viewing an ad.  If you run Smores for a long time (multiple hours) the ads may stop showing.  If this happens, take a break.  If you run into problems seeing ads for an extended time, clear your browser cache.  

After you view and ad you will see your watched credit under rewards.  You only get credited to the faucet after 3 ad views.  So make sure you let the cycle complete before you shut down Smores.

In order to watch Smores in the background you need to have the video its in own browser window, the volume has to be slightly on and the full video needs to be in view on the browswer tab.  See the pictures below of what works and what does not. 

Smores tab is active, will work.  Smores tab is active.



Smores tab is not active, will not work. 

Smores two windows, tab active.  This will work and is the configuration you need to have the videos play in the background.  If the window that Smores is playing in has the Smores tab active, you can completely cover it by another browser window.

Collecting the Daily Bonus:  

When you are eligible to claim your daily bonus you will see a button on your dashboard (dashboard shown in the next step).  You simply click the "Claim Bonus" button, solve the captcha and claim the daily bonus.  Come back in 24 hours to claim your daily bonus again. 

Step 4: Using the Auto Faucet

Click the "Wallets" tab to link your faucethub.io wallet addresses and to withdraw manually.  No minimum withdraw.

Click the "Dashboard" tab to start claiming!!

You will see your Auto Claim Settings.  The Automatic Payout is to send your payout directly to faucethub.io.  The multiplier settings increases the cost of the claim, xp and the reward by this multiple.  We always choose the largest multiplier to get the highest reward and to level up faster.

Click on any of the currencies and select claim to put the claim in queued.  You can have more then one claim queued for any currency.  We prefer to run all of the coins at an equal amount of claim sessions.  If you want to select multiple coins, repeat this for each coin you want to claim and when all of your claims are queued proceed to the next step.  

Click "Open Claimtab" to start your claim session. 

You will see your claim payments along with a timer until your next claim. 


















You will see how many claims have been used for the current claim session and how many sessions are remaining.

Note: The browser tab must be active to claim.  We suggest keeping the tab open in a new window so that it can run in the background.  See the video section of this guide if you need more detail on how to do this. 








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