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Moon Faucets Guide

Step 1: Sign up for Coinpot HERE or https://coinpot.co


Step 2: Sign up for the 5 Moon Faucets 

There are 5 faucets here that I will list below.  They are all pretty similar, so we will only be walking through Moon Bitcoin. Sign up and claim from all of sites though, you can exchange any coin for another inside of Coinpot (See Coinpot Guide).










Enter the email address linked to your Coinpot account and click “Sign In”. 





















Step 3: Claim from the Moon faucets







Click “Claim Now”.




















Solve the captcha and click “Submit”.  All faucets have popups and quirks you will get familiar with them (its how the faucet makes money to pay you) and the Moon Faucets are all similar in this manner.











You will see a box like the above showing your claim and your bonuses. 


Bonuses Explained:


Daily Loyalty Bonus – 1% for each consecutive day you claim.  The clock rolls over at 0:00 GMT.  Take advantage of this bonus, it is easy.  On day 100 you will make double what you made day 1 (all else equal). 


Referral Bonus – 1% for each referral that has claimed within the last 72 hours.


Offer Bonus (Only on Moon Bitcoin) – This can be obtained by completing offers.  You gain 5% for 30 days per offer completed.  Offers can be a good way to get a large amount of satoshi.  Most offers pay, some do not.  Keep track of your offers in case you need to contact the offerwall provider.  Coinpot holds offerwall payouts for up to 10 days (you have to wait to withdraw).


Mystery Bonus – This is a random bonus between 0 and 100%.  It seems to be fair and you do get a lot of large mystery bonuses.


Mining Bonus (Only on Moon Bitcoin) – This can be obtained by using the cpu miner.  I do not use this feature


Step 4: Repeat step 3 for each of the Moon Faucets


Step 5: Moon faucet Tips

Take advantage of the bonuses. 

Claim multiple times daily to achieve the 100% daily bonus. 

When you claim one site, claim them all (include the 2 Other Coinpot sites as well).

The ideal time to claim is every 15 minutes, meaning from 0-15 minutes the claim amount increases at a higher rate than the subsequent 15 minutes and so forth. 

Claim amount will increase for 24 hours.  This is ideal when you hit the 100% daily bonus and get involved with other faucets and perhaps want to scale back on your number of claims.

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