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Independent Faucets Review

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One of the most unique faucets out there.  Simply play games to earn Th/s.  You keep your Th/s for 3 days.  The Th/s powers your miner and you earn satoshi for every block that is mined (every 5 minutes).  You can use your satoshi to buy miners in the shop for more Th/s that does not go away.  The great thing about this faucet is that the games are actually entertaining and custom made by the site.  It is a nice change of pace compared to watching ads, solving captchas and completing shortlinks.  Minimum withdraw is 10,000 satoshi and it is direct to wallet.  Highly recommended.  Due to the simplicity of this faucet we are not sure if we will do a guide.  Simply play games, earn and check the shop out to determine if you want to reinvest, cash out or a combination of the two. 



Super simple faucet by the same creators of freebitco.in.  It doesn’t offer the bonuses or perks of freebitco.in but you can earn up to $200 of dogecoin in one spin.  You more then likely won’t get $200 but it is not uncommon to roll a number that places you in the 2nd or 3rd prize grouping.  Pays direct to wallet with a minimum withdraw of 50 dogecoin.