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Freebitco.in Guide

Step 1:  Sign up below






We use freebitco.in as a bank for my faucet earnings.  They pay daily interest on balances over 30,000 satoshi and they have a great bonus system after you meet the requirements.  When you meet the requirements, you can claim without captcha allowing you to use an autoclaim program from an android phone or iphone that will maximize your rewards and claim hourly for you.  All of this will be explained in further detail below. 


Step 2: Claiming from the faucet


You can claim once an hour from this site.  Until you meet the bonus unlock requirements and set up an autoclaim app, this is a manual process and can be done hourly.  The payout at first doesn’t seem high (today it is 52 satoshi an hour).  However, when you unlock the bonuses you can utilize the 1000% bonus roughly every 3rd day and claim 520 satoshi each hour automatically from your phone. 
















Solve the captcha and click “Roll!”

Prize is shown based on dice roll number. Notice the reward points.  The base rate is 2 reward points per roll.  We have a bonus that runs all day every day that gives me 100 bonus points per roll (per hour as it is done automatically).  We have also chosen to take an additional 2 reward points instead of the two lottery tickets.  See below on how to do this.  The site is also running a multiplier on reward points multiplying my 4 from RP and disabling the lottery tickets to 8. At the beginning you want to try to maximize your reward points.  Claim often and use the bonuses that are available as soon as you can.  The idea here is to reach 1200 reward points and to unlock the bonus requirements to be able to autoclaim and use all the available bonuses.





After you meet the bonus requirement to remove the captcha, your claim screen will look like this.  When it looks like this, you can use an app on your phone to claim hourly.


















Chose to receive extra RP (reward points) by selecting Profile – Disable Lottery & Interest – Place a check mark to the left of Disable Lottery.  We highly recommend doing this right away, you can always change it later if you want to earn lottery tickets after you are autoclaiming.


Step 3: Meeting the bonus requirements




Click on “Requirements to Unlock Bonuses” on the home screen to view the requirements.









The bonuses can be unlocked using any of these methods.  The above is from a brand-new account.  The conditions to unlock these bonus requirements slide.  Meaning that you can unlock the bonuses today and you could have to unlock them again tomorrow.  You can see from the above that buying a lottery tickets would be the easiest option.  We choose to deposit our faucet earnings here so at a certain point you keep the bonus unlocked by depositing.  You can deposit your own funds on this site to meet the requirements right away and start earning interest right away.  Freebitco.in is one of the oldest and most trusted faucets with a long history of paying.  With that being said understand your risks and do your own research on the site if you plan to deposit to unlock the bonuses. 


Step 4: Earning Interest


This part is easy.  Once your balance is 30,000 satoshi you earn interest paid out daily.  Right now the rates is around 4% annually.  To check your payouts, click the “Earn BTC” tab.
















Daily interest payouts shown above.


Step 5: Using the Rewards


Click on the Rewards tab in the website header to see your RP balance and Reward Prizes
















We are interested in “Reward Points Bonus” first and when we build that balance, we are interested in the “Free BTC Bonus”.  All bonuses last 24 hours and a timer will be shown on the home page.


















After you click “Reward Points Bonus” you will see this screen.  Utilize these bonuses as soon as possible and as frequently as possible.  Click “Redeem” to select a prize. Note that when you are manually claiming you have to claim 12 times in 24 hours to break even with this bonus.  This works very well when you use an app that selects the bonuses and claims automatically.  Some options are locked until you meet the unlock bonus requirements, but you can use the lower tiers right away.



















After you click “Free BTC Bonus” you will see this screen.  Use these bonuses after you get familiar with the website.  Focus on the RP at first.

The above shows the bonus timer.



The above shows the reward when using the maximum btc and reward point bonuses.  


Step 6: Autoclaiming


It is our understanding that the remove captcha option allows for autoclaiming.  We have combed the site and can’t see anything that contradicts this.  As always do your own research and We are never responsible for your investments.  We will keep this as short as possible as by the time you get to this point you should be very familiar with the faucet itself.

  1. Find an app on your phone’s app store for freebitco.in.  I use an app called autofreebitcoin on the android system

  2. Set up the app and link it with your freebitco.in account

  3. Enable the option to claim reward points and btc bonus

  4. Enable autoroll

The app we use shows up as working in the background and I receive a notification every hour when it claims (you can turn this off).  The apps may vary so look for an app that has the above options.  After unlocking the bonuses, we earn an additional 100 RP every roll/every hour, we gain the faucet amount every roll/every hour and we are able to use the 1000% bonus every 2 to 3 days.  The faucet earnings make interest immediately.