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Firefaucet Guide

Firefaucet is an Auto Faucet offering all 13 coins that can be stored in faucethub.io.  Firefaucet pays directly to faucethub.io and can be used to both gain cryptocurrency and to level up in faucethub.io


Step 1: Sign up for faucethub.io


Step 2: Sign up for Firefaucet






Step 3: Earn Auto Claims (All can be accessed on the home screen)


The purpose of this faucet is to earn auto claims and allow the faucet to run automatically.  The Auto Faucet functions will be discussed in Step 4.  

Daily Bonus: Can be claimed every 24 hours




Click “Daily Bonus” on the home page.  This bonus can be claimed every 24 hours and a timer will count down to when your next claim is available.













Solve captcha and click “Get Reward”.














Reward amount will show.  Click “Continue” to claim the reward.


Faucet: Can be claimed every 30 minutes












Click on “Faucet” on the home page











Solve captcha and click “Claim”.

Claim amount will show.  Click “Continue” to claim.



Click “Shortlinks” on the home page













There is a large list of shortlinks that can be completed.  Almost all short links the following steps: Page 1 solve captcha and click “Continue”.  Page 2 wait for time and click “Link” or “Get Link”.  Try some different providers and see which shortlink provider you like the best.  Some shortlinks will have malicious or adult material, don’t click on the ads and don’t download anything from the ads.  Each provider has certain quirks, you will get familiar with these quirks the more you use a provider.  Each solved short link will earn 50 claims and 20 activity points (used to level up).










Click "Offerwalls" on the home page


















Explore the offerwall section.  This area can be very profitable on all sites but especially those that offer level ups, rewards for offerwall completions or mining games where you level up in any way.  We suggest trying AdGateMedia and watching Smores videos.  If you leave a separate tab open with Smores running with your speakers on the lowest setting, you can earn from the videos in the background.  PTC adds are another favorite of ours.  Surveys can pay high but you run the risk of being screened out.  Explore these areas and all try a couple, see what works for you. 


Step 4:  Auto Faucet


Now that you have claims, lets go over how to use the Auto Faucet and the Auto Faucet features. 













Click “Start Auto Faucet” on the homepage.  You can select up to 10 currencies at once.  

























You will receive a message like this one when the Auto Faucet has started.  We use Brave or Chrome when we claim from faucets, so I can’t speak for other browsers.  However, on Chrome the Auto Faucet works best if it is open in a window by itself.  If I try to keep it open on a separate tab, the timer lags. I simply put it in the background and work on other faucets while it runs.


To change your Auto Faucet settings (this is important), click on either “change” button. 








Note:  You must have your faucethub.io for the coin you wish to withdraw linked in Firefaucet to withdraw.  We suggest linking all of the coin addresses you have so you can claim 10 of the 13 at any given time. 


We only use the first two options of 1 Minute and 2 Minutes.  We use the 1 Minute if we want to gain crypto fast and the 2 Minute option that pays directly to faucethub.io if we want to level up our faucethub.io account.  If you use the 1 minute option you must withdraw manually.


Leveling up your faucethub.io has certain perks like being able to chat directly with other users, making more on referrals and making more on the CPU mining.  Check out faucethub.io for all level up perks.

Note that any multiplier of rewards will take that multiple in claims.  If you choose 2x rewards it will cost 2x the claims.  (Do to this we don’t see a reason to run the longer claims).


Note that bitcoin starts out at a cost of 8 claims per claim.  You can get this down to 6 claims per claim by completing shortlinks.  If you are looking to level up, all of the other currencies take only 1 claim.  The pay is less but we haven’t done the math to see if it is 1 to 1, we expect that it is.  Meaning 1 claim of btc = the amount of 6 claims of any other coin.

If you want to level up your faucethub.io account.  The best route is to select 10 different currencies on the home screen before you start the timer and select the 2-minute option.  This will pay 10 different currencies into your faucethub.io account every 2 minutes resulting in 30 exp points in faucethub.io (3 xp per claim).  You must have wallet addresses for each coin first linked in your faucethub.io account and then linked in your Firefaucet account.


Step 4: Leveling Up


Activity points are earned for any action that earns auto claims.  These activity points are used to level up.  Each level gives a btc satoshi reward and a bonus percentage.












After you reach a new level click “Collect Rewards”.  This is on your home screen.





















When a new level is reached a button will appear next to the bonus, simply click the button to collect the reward.