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Febbit Guide

Step 1: Sign up for faucethub.io




Step 2: Sign up for Febbit


Febbit is another one of our favorites in which you can level up and earn passively.  This faucet pays directly to faucethub.io and has a minimum withdraw of 1,000 satoshi.  Like other faucets that are based on leveling up, you will start off slow and earn more in the future.  Follow our guide to learn how to level up and how to use the features of the game.


Step 3: Miner Screen







Miner Stats.

PR – Power, generates btc.  The higher your power, the higher rate you will earn btc.


Level – This is the level you are on.  Each time you earn a new level, you will get a cache.  You also unlock better daily mission bonus rewards with higher levels.  On milestone levels, you will receive a higher-level cache. 


EXP – Experience, what is needed to level up.  You gain 1 xp each time you refill your energy or cool down.  You gain 10 xp each time you collect your mine cart.  You can also gain xp in daily missions.










Coins – Used to level up chips and in the shop. Earned by mining, daily missions and


Dust – Used to upgrade chips.  Earned by selling chips and completing daily missions.

Febbit – Used to purchase items in shop.  Earned by viewing ad when collecting from the mine cart.

BTC Satoshi – Withdrawable currency.  Earned by mining.  Can be used in the shop but we do not recommend it.

Navigation Tabs on Footer:


Open and closes pane on the left

Miner Screen



Referral (not part of the guide but suggested)

Opens and closes Daily Mission/Event tab


Step 4: Mining

Shows your miner and the rate you are mining at.

Shows total hashes.

Shows coins collected in cart on top and BTC collected in cart on bottom.

Click the flashing lightning bolt to Cool Down.


Cool Down – When the orange bar is full and the lightning bolt is flashing, you can enable Cool Down.  When you enable Cool Down your boost will start and your miner will mine at a faster rate.  Cooling down will earn 1 xp and will progress your daily mission. 

This can be done every 5 minutes.


Miner during your Cool Down.  Note the increase rate from the earlier photo.

Your boost from cooling down will only last so long.  It can increase if you are equipped with certain chips and it can decrease if you are equipped with certain chips.  If your boost lasts longer than five minutes the orange bar may not be full, but you will be able to click the lightning bolt to enable Cool Down. 

You can increase the power of your boost from certain chips.

Click the green refresh button to refill your energy and restart your miner.

Refilling your energy will get 1 xp and will progress your daily mission. 

The time it takes your energy to deplete can be increased by certain chips. 


This can be done every 5 minutes.

Click the mine cart to start collection.

Always click “View” to view the ad for 15 seconds.  It doubles your reward and gives you 10 Febbit.

Allow the timer to count down and ad will close.

View Reward.  The mine cart can be collected every hour on the hour.


Step 5: Daily Missions and Events


A good way to level up and collect resources is by completing the daily mission and weekly events. 


Daily Missions:

Shows progress of daily missions.


To complete the daily missions, you must complete the following:


Refill Energy – Refill energy 6 times.  Rewards xp.


Mine Blocks – Mine 3 Blocks.  Rewards cache.


Cool Down – Cool Down 8 times.  Rewards Dust.


Level Up Chips – Level up a chip 3 times.  Rewards Coins.


Open up caches – Open one cache.  Rewards Febbit.


The rewards get better as you level up. 

When you have reached 100% click on the mission.

Click “Collect” to collect your reward.


Note: Daily Missions reset at 0:00 GMT.  If you have completed the mission but do not collect by this time, you will lose your reward.


Weekly Event:

Click on the event.

View the event to see the requirements. 


The event changing every Sunday at 0:00 GMT. 


When you complete a step in the event come back and collect like you do the daily missions.  Some events you will like more then others and some events are hard to do at the beginning.  This event would be next to impossible for a beginner, but some are easy to complete all steps.  These are great for gaining resources, check back every week.  If I complete a weekly event, we will stockpile coins and febbit for preparation of the next event. 


Step 6: Understanding Chips

Under the inventory tab you will be able to manage your chips.  Here you can level up, equip, unequip, upgrade and sell your chips. 


Chip Levels:  


The higher the level of chip, the better the chip.


MK1 – Green chip.  Can’t be upgraded, can’t be used to upgrade.  Sell all after you are equipped with higher chips for dust.

MK2 – Blue chip.  Can’t be upgraded, can’t be used to upgrade.  Sell all after you are equipped with higher chips for dust.

MK3 – Dark purple chip.  Can’t be upgraded.  Can be used to upgrade higher level chips.  Keep as many of these as you can.

MK4 – Light purple chip.  Can be upgraded to level MK5.  Can be used to upgrade higher level chips.  Keep as many of these as you can.

MK5 – Yellow chip.  Can be upgraded to level MK6.  Keep as many of these as you can.

MK6 – Orange chip.  Highest level of chip. 

Chip Grades:

Each chip has a grade, the higher the grade the more powerful/efficient the chip is.  You can’t upgrade chip grades and they are randomly assigned.  Tip – Level up and equip higher grade chips when you have the opportunity but always use the higher-level chip regardless of grade.  


Upgrading chips:

It is rare to upgrade a chip but it can be done and it is worth it. 

To upgrade a MK4 chip to a MK5 chip you need 10,000 dust, 10,000 coins, 3 like MK4 chips, 4 like MK3 chips and any 4 MK4 chips. 

To upgrade a MK5 chip to a MK6 chip you need 10,000 dust, 10,000 coins, 3 like MK5 chips, 4 like MK4 chips and any 4 MK5 chips. 

Tip – The new upgraded chip will take the grade of the first chip selected.  So upgrade the chips with the highest grade and use the lower grade chips to upgrade other chips.


Chip Types:


Central Processing Unit – Increases Mining Power

Energy Cell – Increase Monster Duration (Time Energy Depletes)

Overclocker – Increases Boost Power, Increases Mining Power, Decreases Boost Duration

Thermal Regulator – Increases Boost Duration

Capacitor – Increases Boost Duration, Increases Time to Fill Mine Cart (Resources will continue to collect even after energy is depleted, increase this to collect around the clock)



To manage a chip in your inventory click on the chip to bring this screen up.


Orange Box – Upgrade

Red $ - Sell chip for dust

Blue Check – Equip (only shows if unequipped)

Blue X – Unequip (only shows if equipped)

Level Up – Level up by 1 level

X10 – Level up by 10 levels


Note: There are two types of chip levels.  The type of chip as explained earlier and leveling up the chip to increase its attributes.


Level up your chips to make your miner more powerful.

This is our current configuration.  It allows the miner to run essentially not stop even if we are not active.  It also puts out good results when we are active.  Naturally you make more when you are active.

This shows your inventory.  When you open a cache it will go here.  You can add storage for your inventory in the shop 5 units at a time.  The cost to do so increases with each time you purchase more storage.  Sell the chips you don’t need and increase storage when you need to in order to keep MK3 chips and higher. 


Getting Chips:

When you have been awarded a cache, a red dot will appear on the green gift in the mining screen.  Click on the green gift to open the cache.

Click on the cache.

Click “Open Cache”.

Click “Claim” to move the cache to inventory.  This was a MK2 cache that produced a MK4 chip.


Step 7:  Store

This shows the store. 


You can purchase caches, dust, inventory storage and coins in the store.  The store offers 3 items at a time that you can buy 1 time.  To change the store owner you can click the refresh button by the timer at a cost of 5 febbit. 


We would suggest using the store for caches and storage only.  There is little point in buying dust until far later in the game and febbit in our opinion is far more valuable then coins.  We only buy MK3 chips or higher and try not to change the store owner unless we are looking for certain chips to complete events.


This guide should cover everything but feel free to explore the site.