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Faucethub Guide

Faucethub.io is a micro wallet in which many faucets pay into.  In our opinion it is the #1 site around for this purpose.  It is this group of sites that we focus most of our time on.  We have listed them in order with our favorite sites being on top.  


Step 1: Sign up for faucethub.io

Step 2: Link at least one wallet address inside of faucethub.io


Hover over “User+” and click “User Dashboard”.






Select a currency from the drop down and click “Link This Address”. 


You can now use any faucet that pays to faucethub.io by entering the linked address on the faucet site.


We suggest adding Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dogecoin addresses at minimum to start.  If you are new to crypto you can focus on Bitcoin.  

If you don’t have a cryptocurrency wallet but want to get into cryptocurrency, google “how to obtain a bitcoin wallet” and “cryptocurrency exchange”.

All of the coins that can be earned using faucethub.io are: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, ZCash, DigiByte, BitCore, Blackcoin, Dash, Peercoin and Primecoin.  You must have your own wallet linked in faucehub.io to collect in that currency.  


Step 3: Setting up 2FA


You want to protect your faucethub.io account like it is an exchange (it essentially is).  While in the user dashboard as pictured above, click on security. 

Click “Configure Two-Factor Settings”.

From here we suggest using Google Authentication.  If you are unfamiliar with 2FA spend a little time looking into it and how to set it up before you proceed.  You should always protect accounts that you hold cryptocurrency with online with 2FA.

Step 4: Exchange

The exchange is exactly what it sounds like.  You can buy and sell cryptocurrency from other users before you withdraw a certain currency.  The fact you can do this makes it worth collecting in coins that you may not want to keep long term from sites you are using. 

Step 5: Faucet List

Click “Sites”.

You can navigate through a ton of different faucets that pay to faucethub.io.  Feel free to explore but understand that most of these faucets are not worth your time.  The ones on our website are.  We have gone through a ton of these faucets and left a ton of these faucets behind.  Yes, there are still good faucets to find but the ones we cover should be on the top of everyone’s list.

As always explore the other areas.  We usually don’t mine, but they have a level up system if you like to mine.  The forum can provide some answers and you can connect to people through chat or pm.