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Faucethub Faucets Review

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Faucethub.io - SEE GUIDE HERE!!


Faucethub.io is a micro wallet in which many faucets pay into.  In our opinion it is the #1 site around for this purpose.  It is this group of sites that we focus most of my time on.  We have listed them in order with our favorite sites being on top.  Read our reviews below for all of our recommended faucethub.io faucets. 

CryptoMiningGame - SEE GUIDE HERE!! 

CMG is our favorite and most recommended faucet.  It is straight forward and the more time you put in up front, the more passive it becomes later on.  The purpose of this faucet is level up your miner and increase HP. Increasing HP increases the speed in which your miner mines.  Increasing level increases the time your miner can mine and increases mission rewards.  CMG offers a loyalty bonus that you can double your mission rewards and a daily bonus that multiplis dependent on how many consecutive days your have claimed it. It pays directly to faucethub.io a couple times a week.  There are minimum withdraw limits so check the minimum withdraw for the coin you wish to withdraw.  This site is one that we make a priority to keep our mining and missions running.  The admin is very involved and continuously working on new areas of the site. 

Cointipy - SEE GUIDE HERE!!


Cointiply is one of our best earners. They offer really good returns on their faucet, ptc ads, videos and offerwalls.  They recently added a new CointiPoints section to reward users.  They offer a loyalty bonus which can double your faucet claim rewards.  They offer a multiplier that increases your faucet claim rewards dependent on site activity. The minimum withdraw is 35,000 coins to faucethub.io, 50,000 coins direct to Dogecoin wallet and 100,000 coins direct to Bitcoin wallet.



Starcoins - SEE GUIDE HERE!!

Starcoins is a very fun faucet with a ton to do.  It is set up more like a game then any other faucet we have come across.  There are tons of ways to earn including shortlinks, ptc ads, offerwalls, videos and in game activity.  You can stay very busy on this site and earn well.  Low withdraw limits and withdraws to faucethub.io. Check out our guide and explore the universe that is Starcoins. 

RandomSatoshi - SEE GUIDE HERE!!

RandomSatoshi is our favorite Auto Faucet.  It is easy to earn Bits for claims using their offerwalls, shorlinks and videos.  They offer a daily bonus of 150 Bits.  You get 1,000 Bits upon signup.  You can level up each currency to claim a higher reward and receive more claims per session.  Pays directly to faucethub.io every claim if the coin is in stock which helps level up your faucethub.io account.  Coins can be manually withdrawn as well. The only downfall is that sometimes a coin can be out of stock for some time.  The admin does well at communicating and this has never been a worry to us. 



SatoshiLabs - SEE GUIDE HERE!!

One of our favorite up and coming sites.  Offers a mining game and we love mining games. Earn Credits and Lab Flasks to upgrade your miner and produce passively.  Lab Flasks are earned by completing their 5 minute faucet.  Credits can be earned by offerwalls, videos, ptc adds and more.  Use Lab Flasks to buy new equipment to increase your productivity.  Pays directly to faucethub.io and requires 5,000 Lab Flasks to withdraw.  Lab Flasks are converted to Bitcoin at time of withdraw.

Contract Miner - SEE GUIDE HERE!!

Another up and coming site.  Offers a mining game and we love mining games.  A little bit of a slow starter but check out our guide for tips.  Worth putting some time in to level up.  Offers a unique game experience and the admin is around a lot and always improving the site.  Cool game with a lot of potential.  Complete Paid Contracts and the Auto Miner on the site to earn and level up.  The site offers a daily bonus as well as rewards for certain milestones.  Pays directly to faucethub.io with no minimum.


Febbit is one of the most widely used faucets.  Level up your chips to level up your miner.  A bit of a slow starter but can be a great earner when the miner can run all day when you are away.  We spend time on this site each day.  Check out of guide because as simple as this faucet appears, there is a lot going on.  Pays directly to faucethub.io and has a 1,000 satoshi withdraw minimum. 


Firefaucet - SEE GUIDE HERE!!


One of the most well known Auto Faucets around.  Earn claims by completing shortlinks, ptc ads and offerwalls.  They offer a 30 minute faucet and a daily prize.  They offer a happy hour on the weekend (check site for times) where you earn 50% more each claim.  Great site, well trusted.  Pays directly to faucethub.io with no minimum automatically or manually.  Great tool to level up your faucethub.io account.


Allcoins - SEE GUIDE HERE!!

Allcoins has a lot to offer. They have a 5 minute faucet that is our favorite of it's kind, it pays pretty well and its easy.  The offer an offerwall, a daily freeroll bonus and an auto faucet.  The cool thing about Allcoins is that they offer a ton of coins.  Check out our guide for more info.  Pays directly to faucethub.io with no minimum withdraw.  They offer withdraw direct to wallet as well and this must be used for coins that faucethub.io does not support.  Check the site for direct to wallet withdraw information. 


Speedup Faucets - SEE GUIDE HERE!!   

The network of Speedup Faucets are 10 minute click faucets.  They are all very similar and you have to navigate through some pop ups, captchas and shortlinks to get the reward.  They are the highest paying 10 minute faucet we have found but they make you work for it.  They offer a bonus every 10 claims and dice faucet as well.  Pays to faucethub.io with no minimum withdraw. 


The WOW!faucet is pretty straight forward.  Earn tokens for shortlinks, ptc ads, offerwalls and videos.  Turn those tokens into crypto.  They allow for withdraw in any of the currencies that faucethub.io supports with no minimum withdraw.  This site is gaining momentum as one of our favorite places to do shortlinks.




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