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CryptoMiningGame Guide

Step 1: Sign up for faucethub.io




Step 2: Sign up for CryptoMiningGame






This guide is intended for someone who is brand new to this site and faucets in general, feel free to skip ahead. 


Summary:  Complete the missions to gain HP.  Use the HP to run the miner game (doesn't use cpu power).  Level up to mine passively for longer and to increase your HP yielding higher earnings.  Pays to faucethub.io twice a week typically Tuesday and Friday.  Site operates on GMT time (important to know for any faucet that offers bonuses). 


Step 3: Log in and link your faucethub.io wallet addresses
















Home Page After Login.












To link your addresses, go to Profile – Withdraw.
















Enter your Bitcoin (Satoshi) address that you have linked to your faucethub.io account at minimum.  I would suggest adding Dogecoin(Doge) and Litecoin (Litoshi) as well.  You can earn coins that you don't have an address linked to but you must have one linked to withdraw.  All coins can be exchanged if needed within CMG under the exchange tab (minimum amounts apply).  Other coins are available after you are a premium member (reaching 1,000 HP).


Simply add the address under the corresponding coin and click save.


Step 4: Complete Missions to Gain HP



Click the "Missions" Tab.
















Note: I am a premium member and no longer receive HP for missions, your screen may look a little different than mine.  HP and levels will be explained later in the guide.


Simply click the blue “Do it!” button.  You will have to solve a short link for an antibot check every half hour, if this happens you will have to go back and click what you originally clicked before the antibot message came up, this is site wide.  We will tangent below to show the antibot and how to solve it.












Click the green "I'm not a bot!" box.





















Select a shortlink.  We prefer btcms and linkshrink, however linkshrink will show adult content.  Below we will show you how to solve a short link (refer back to this section for any shortlink reference if needed).  In this example we have selected the btcms shortlink.

















Solve the captcha and click continue.  Some sites use Solvemedia (as pictured) others use recaptcha.  All shortlinks will have popups and questionable content.  Do not click on anything that is not needed to progress through the shortlink and get familiar with how each shortlink site works. 















Close this window by clicking the green button.






Click the “Skip Ad” button.






Shortlink is solved and you get the “beating the antibot!” message.  Now return to the action that prompted the antibot.  In this case it is starting a mission.


Click the "Missions" Tab










Click “Missions Level 1”


The level of mission corresponds with your Miner Level.  When you reach Miner Level 2 you will be able to do the Missions Level 2.  Each level of missions offers a better prize amount then the previous level.  Leveling up is very important and discussed later in the guide. 






















Click the blue “Do It!” button. 









You will receive a green message stating the mission has started and a timer.  After the timer expires click the green claim button














Click the chest until the number is 0 to claim your prizes.  You have completed your first mission now let’s start the miner.

Step 4: Mine Game

This is where the magic happens the goal here is to gain HP and increase your level.  For each level increase you can run your miner 10 minutes longer.  I will address HP and Levels later in the guide.






Go to “Mining Tab” and click “Mining Game".














Click “Mine”. 


The miner requires 1 crystal for every level (10 minutes).  Crystals can be earned in missions and offerwalls. For example at level 16 as pictured above it will cost 16 crystals, our miner will run for 160 minutes and will pay 582 satoshi. 


Step 5: Refilling Energy
















In order to level up quicker you can refill your energy every 10 minutes (you also get a passive refill every 10 minutes).  Simply click the green button and complete a shortlink.  As you level up you can store more energy. Level 1 stores 1, level 16 stores 16.  Energy is used for missions. 


Step 6:  Optimizing bonuses

Bonuses are crucial with any faucet.  Get your bonuses.  CMG has two bonuses.  The “Mission Boost” and the “Daily Bonus”.


Mission Bonus














Simply log in each day and complete a mission.  This boost is a multiplier on your mission rewards.  If you obtain a 100% boost you will make double your day 1 mission rewards (all else equal) on day 100.  We are big fans of maximizing bonuses on any site that offers them. 


Daily Bonus







Click on “Daily bonus” under the “Bonus” tab.







Open the orange gift!!



















Claim each day and take advantage of the multiplier.  Great place to earn crystals.  0:00 GMT.


At this point the major points are covered.  If you simply ran through this process and repeated, you are off to a good start.  Read on for further tips and further explanation of the site. 


Step 7: Optimizing your time on this site and important information


From this point on there are no pictures.  Just tips and advice.  READ IT!!  It will help you.  It will save you time and increase your earnings.  


Leveling up – Each level increase offers a 10-minute increase in the mining time, increases mission rewards and increases energy storage.  Missions and refilling energy are the best way to level up.  The higher the level the more passive this process becomes.  The XP required to level up doubles for each level increase, XP is earned on missions and other parts of the site.

HP – Increasing HP increases your passive earnings.  To us, this is the most coveted skill in this game.  When you reach 1000 HP you will be a “Premium Member” and the mining rate per HP becomes linear (see the sites FAQ).  To give an example at the time of this writing BTC is $3,947 and our HP is 2,103.  We mine 218 satoshi an hour.  Being at level 16 my miner can run for 160 minutes yielding 582 satoshi for one click. 


Our suggestions for increasing HP

HP 1 to 1000 - Complete missions and refill energy to do so.  Your rewards for the missions increase per level so the higher you level up the more HP you earn.  You can purchase HP but it is pretty easy to come by until you hit 1000.  It is very difficult after 1000.

HP 1000 to 2000 – Cash out your earnings and reinvest them in the site by purchasing HP.  At this point you do not gain HP in missions and are reduced to the daily bonus (maybe 10 a month). Do not withdraw directly to HP (explanation below).  You must withdraw and redeposit.  I am aware there are send fees back in, so I would suggest waiting for a certain amount.  You will have to deposit using a regular wallet.  Always understand that any faucet can go down at any time.  We suggest only using faucet earnings to deposit into faucets.  These can come from other sites but play with house money.

2000 to ? – At this point you can only withdraw to HP.  When you do this, you enter into a contract for one year and the HP expires at this time.  We have done this a few times but have not really ran a calculation, so we can’t suggest it yet.  Do your own math if you get to this point.  You can earn HP from the daily bonus, mining HP (premium only, very low rates) and games. 


Other Site Features


Games – The site offers games.  There is a blockchain explorer and miner run.  Check them out, see if they are profitable or can become profitable with the game boost.  If you find you are losing HP, stop playing the game.  


Check the site out – Explore the site.  They are working on a VMP feature using cards, you can find treasure chests hidden in the partner page by clicking the links.  You will get a green message when you click out of the partner tab, follow the arrow.  My suggestion is to click the partner links first and click the mine tab to see if you get the box.  If not, you can try the links below (more worth it in the beginning).  Good place for crystals.  EXPLORE!!