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Contract Miner Guide

Step 1: Sign up for faucethub.io




Step 2: Sign up for Contract Miner

Contract Miner is a mining game based on both leveling up and collecting Mh/s.  It does take some time to level up, but this is a faucet we like very much.  The admin is very involved and making constant improvements.  We believe this faucet will be worth the time in the long run and we have arrived at a decent earning level after putting in a little time. 


Step 3:  Collecting the daily bonus


Every 24 hours you can collect 1-3 Mh/s by opening the gift box.  The gift box will automatically launch upon login if it is available and every time you visit the home page after it is available.










Click “Generate Gift Box”


Click “Stay in Same Tab” or “Open in New Tab”.

Solve captcha and select “Click here to continue”.

Wait for the timer to complete and click “Get Link”.

Receive gift.

Step 4: Paid Contracts

This is where you must start.  At first just do paid contracts as much as you can.  You have to reach a certain level in order to use the Auto Miner

Select “Paid Contracts” from the scrolling pane on the left of the screen.  You will have to scroll down.

Click “Create Contract”. 


You will notice that the reward isn’t very high, but this is a 2-minute duration and you can run this over and over to start leveling up.  As your level up you unlock other contracts that pay higher rewards.

When the timer expires click “Generate URL” to complete a shortlink using the same steps as were shown for the gift box or click “Verify Me” to use Coinhive cpu mining to complete.

Repeat this over and over to level up to unlock the miner.

Step 5: Auto Miner


Once you hit the level needed to use the Auto Miner, start doing so.  It isn’t incredibly profitable up front, but it helps you level up and has potential to be a good earner down the road when you unlock better miners. 

Click “Start Miner”.

After the timer expires solve the captcha and click “Complete Contract”.


Step 6: Further Tips and Explanation


No pictures past this point but this area will help you if you take the time to read it.

Gaining Mh/s – you can do this by getting the daily gift and buying miners.  Miners can be bought in the shop or in the market from other players.  In the shop you must get to a certain level to unlock a miner.  In the market your level does not matter but the seller often charges higher due to this.


Properties – You get a free property that houses 5 miners to start.  The rent is free and it is really all you need for some time.  If you get to the point that you need to expand you can look for a new property.  If you get to this point you should be very familiar with the site.


Tasks – Under the tasks section you can get rewards for completing tasks on the site.  These are automatic so check in periodically.


Points – In the upper left you will see your level, power units and points.  You get 1 point a week which is equal to 5 power units.  You can store up to 5 of these.  This is really all you will need for your miner for some time.  Make sure you cash them in by clicking on them when available.  It can bring your balance over your power limit, so you can use them immediately.


IB – Internal Balance is used to buy miners and pay for rent. 


CMC – Earned through offerwalls.  We haven’t done this, seems to pay low in comparison to other sites.


SAT – Withdrawable satoshi. 


King Bank – Exchange currencies here.


As always explore the site and find what works for you. 

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Contract Miner.gif