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Cointiply Guide

Step 1: Sign up for faucethub.io




Step 2: Sign up for Cointiply

Cointiply is one of our favorite faucets and can be one of the highest paying faucets if you know how to use it.  They offer a faucet, loyalty bonus, offerwalls, videos, ptc walls, a recently added Cointivity reward program and more.  We will only be walking through the portions of the site we use regularly but we encourage you to explore the site.  Cointiply pays to faucethub.io or directly to your wallet.  Withdraws typically take 2-4 days but can be longer.  The minimum to withdraw is 35,000 coins (you can reach this pretty quick if you are active.

Step 3: Claiming from the Faucet





Click "Roll to Win".






Solve captcha and click "Submit Captcha and Roll".






You will see your reward dependent on your roll.  You can claim every hour and the timer will count down to your next eligible claim. 















Roll reward chart 

Bonuses to Increase Faucet Rolls:









Cointiplier: Gauge on the dashboard that increases with your site activity.


Loyalty Bonus: Your roll gets multiplied by 1 percent each consecutive day you claim from the faucet.  Claim 100 days in a row and your reward will be double that of day one.  Take advantage of these types of bonuses. 

Step 4: Offerwalls, PTC Ads and Videos

Click "Offers" to access offerwalls.

We will not go into detail on the individual offerwalls but here are our suggestions.  Surveys can pay high but you run the risk of being screened out and receiving no reward.  For surveys we suggest Tap Research.  MinuteStaff has short tasks that pay each time, are easy to complete and quick.  MinuteStaff is our favorite offerwall outside of AdscendMedia which we will discuss in the video section. 

Click "PTCAds" to access short ads to view.

Click "View" to see a short ad.  We highly recommend this feature and viewing them all.  There will only be so many ads per day so view them while you can.  You will have to stay on the window until the timer expires and choose the image to record the view.  Choosing the wrong image will disqualify the reward. 

Click "Videos" 

You can choose either option.  We recommend AdscendMedia and viewing Smore videos.  It is our favorite way to earn on any site.  Once the tab opens you can drag it into its own window, leave the volume slightly on and earn in the background.  It has to be the open tab on the browser to run but you can work in another window while it runs. This is a great way to earn on many sites.  You get credited for a view after an ad plays.  You can hit limits if you run it all day but we almost always have a Smore or EngageMe video running in the background. If you hit a limit, give it a break for awhile and try back. 

Step 5: Cointivity

Click on "Cointivity Profile"







You will see your Cointivity dashboard.  This is a new feature on the site.  The point here is you earn your ​CoiniPoints that can be used to open Pods for inventory items for doing tasks on the site.  Do more, earn more.  

Click "Inventory & Pods"

Here you can buy pods for Coins or CointiPoints.  We suggest using just Cointipoints. Click "Buy Now" when you have enough CointiPoints.









Click "Buy Food". 

We opened the 500 CointiPoint pod and received 3 items.  The game is new so our strategy so far has been to sell the consumables and equip the equip-able.  The value of this pod was 325 coins.  At the time of writing that is equivalent to 825 satoshi.  









Click "Item List" to see the items you can obtain through purchasing pods. 


The End - That is the end for now.  Explore the site, find out what works for you.