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Coinpot Guide

Step 1: Sign up for Coinpot HERE or https://coinpot.co


You will have to confirm an email address here and you will need to use this email address when signing up for the 5 Moon Faucets, Bonus Bitcoin and Bitfun.  The 5 Moon Faucets only require the email address, you will have to set a password for Bonus Bitcoin and Bitfun.  Our suggestion is to make an email address separate than your personal email address to use for faucets only.  

Step 2: Sign up for the 5 Moon Faucets, Bonus Bitcoin and Bitfun. 

Step 3: Using Coinpot


All faucet earnings from the 7 Coinpot faucets will go directly into your Coinpot account when you claim. There are 5 coins and the “Coinpot” token in the wallet.  Any of these coins and the token can be exchanged for any other coin or token.  Doing this makes meeting the minimum withdraw requirement easier, allowing for you to the coin out of your Coinpot account. Protect your wallet with 2FA.  This holds true for any wallet/site that offers it.  If you do not know what 2FA is or how to set it up, look up on Google how to set it up with your respective phone.  Don’t forget to store your secret keys in a safe place. 














This is what you will see when you log in.  Coinpot tokens are earned by making claims.  You earn 3 tokens per claim and 1 token per referral claims.  Coinpot Tokens can be treated like any other currency in the wallet and can be exchanged for any other currency.  We do not use the gambling or cpu mining features on any sites so I can’t review these features or suggest using them.












To convert any coin to another, select the blue drop down and select “Convert tokens to…”.



















Select the coin to convert to, fill in the “Amount to Convert” or click on “maximum” to convert all of the selected coin, fill in 2fa code (if enabled and it should be) and click “Convert”.  You can do this for all the coins.  I suggest converting all to btc and withdrawing to freebitco.in after reaching 10,000 satoshi (withdraw minimum for btc).


To withdraw click the blue drop down and select “Withdraw bitcoin core”


Enter your bitcoin address you are withdrawing to using faucethub.io or directly to your wallet, solve the captcha, enter 2fa code and click “Withdraw”.


Coinpot will send you an email to the registered email address.  You will need to confirm the withdraw by following the link in the email.