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Bonus Bitcoin Guide

Step 1: Sign up for Coinpot HERE or https://coinpot.co

Step 2: Sign Up for Bonus Bitcoin






Sign up using the link above.  You will have to use your Coinpot email address and set a password.  After you sign up, sign in.  This site offers games, offerwalls and dice but we do not use those features.  We use it simply for the faucet.  It does offer a pretty cool daily bonus paid directly to your Coinpot account.  You earn 5% of the claims you have made in a 72-hour period.  This site pays well and you can claim every 15 minutes.










Click “Change your claim setting”.

















Place a check mark in the noted box and click close.  If you do not do this you will get the lowest amount of 5 satoshi most of the time.  By checking the box you will get 44 satoshi (at this point in time, it changes). 












Solve the catcha and click “Claim Now!”.












You will receive the above message when the claim is successful.  This is a good faucet to use if you keep it open in a tab and check back periodically.  You can claim every 15 minutes.  It pays the highest of the group and offers a bonus.

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728x90 bonus.gif