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Allcoins Guide

Step 1: Sign up for faucethub.io




Step 2: Sign up for Allcoins

Allcoins is a faucet that has multiple coins that can be claimed and pays to either faucethub.io or directly to your wallet.  Only the coins that faucethub.io can be withdrew to faucethub.io.  The other coins must be withdrawn directly to your wallet.

The site offers a wide range of ways to earn but we only use the Faucet, AutoFaucet and the FreeRoll under the games section.  We will walkthrough how to use those features below.  As always explore the rest of the faucet and see if there is another area that interests you or you can make profitable.

Step 3: Daily FreeRoll Bonus

Each day you get one FreeRoll that must be used that day, or you lose it.  The FreeRoll resets at 0:00 GMT.




In the pane on the left of the screen click the drop down for “Games” and click on “FreeRoll”.

You can choose either “Simple” or “Jackpot”, notice the difference in rewards.  We usually go with “Simple” as you almost a 50% chance of winning.


Click “FreeRoll” to roll the dice.

We lost this time as we didn’t get 5021 or higher.  We will try again tomorrow.


Step 4:  Claiming from the Faucet



Click on “Faucets” in the pane to the left.

Select a coin to claim.  We chose Bitcoin. 

Click “Claim”.  Note you can set a coin as your favorite, so it shows at the top of your list.

Solve the captcha and click “Captcha is resolved!”.

Come back after the timer expires in 5 minutes.


Note:  You may from time to time get an additional step where you have to click another box stating, “I am not a bot”.  Pay attention to the buttons on this site as they move and every now and again you will see a button that says, “I am a bot” don’t click this button. 

The faucet pays well for 5-minute timers.  It is a very easy captcha claim.  We like this faucet due to this.


Step 5:  AutoFaucet

Click “AutoFaucet” under the Miner & AutoFaucet button on the left pane.

To start the AutoFaucet select your coin to claim from the dropdown and click “Launch”.











The AutoFaucet will show a timer counting down to your next claim.  You must keep the tab open for the AutoFaucet to work.

You can earn 2 free claims by logging in daily and you can earn extra claims by completing shortlings.

As always explore the rest of the faucet and find out what works for you.  These are just the features we use and recommend using.