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We have put in the work and tested the sites so that you don't have to.  Use our guides to maximize your earnings on the sites you are already on and use our web page to find new sites and strategies.  All we ask is you use our referral codes to support our work and time.  Stay tuned for new sites, reviews and ways to interact.  Bookmark our page and revisit for updates.  Best if viewed on Chrome based browser.   


All of our recommended faucets are introduced  briefly on the home page.  However, you can navigate the tabs above to find more in depth individual faucet reviews, guides and strategies.  All of our recommended faucets pay and pay often.  


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Freebitco.in     Coinpot Faucets     Faucethub Faucets     Independent Faucets     Testing

Freebitco.in is one of the most known and well trusted faucets.  It is simple to use but you can do amazing things on this site if you know what you are doing.  We list this one first because you can use it as a bank for your other faucet activities to earn interest paid daily and unlock bonuses to gain more bitcoin in the process.  Sign up below and make sure to check out the FREEBITCO.IN GUIDE!!


The Coinpot faucets consist of 5 Moon faucets, Bonus Bitcoin and Bitfun.  This is our suggestion for a starting point for anyone interested in faucets.  They are simple, they are collected to a common place and you can make decent earnings if you use them properly.  Collect at all of the sites as each currency can be converted to any other inside of Coinpot.  COINPOT GUIDE.

Step 1: Sign up for Coinpot HERE or https://coinpot.co

Step 2: Sign up for the 5 Moon Faucets.  MOON FAUCET GUIDE.

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Step 3:  Sign up for Bonus Bitcoin and Bitfun.  Bonus Bitcoin Guide. Bitfun Guide.

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Faucethub.io is a micro wallet in which many faucets pay into.  In our opinion it is the #1 site around for this purpose.  It is this group of sites that I focus most of my time on.  We have listed them in order with our favorite sites being on top.  

Step 1: Sign up for faucethub.io 






Step 2: Link at least one wallet address inside of faucethub.io.  I would suggest linking at minimum BTC, LTC, ETH and DOGE while eventually linking an address to each coin that can be collected using faucethub.io

Step 3: Sign up for the sites below.  Our favorites are listed on top.  Don't forget to check out our guides and explore the rest of the site for other sites and strategies.

CryptoMiningGame - SEE GUIDE HERE!! 

Cointipy - SEE GUIDE HERE!!

Starcoins - SEE GUIDE HERE!!

RandomSatoshi - SEE GUIDE HERE!!

SatoshiLabs - SEE GUIDE HERE!!

Contract Miner - SEE GUIDE HERE!!


Firefaucet - SEE GUIDE HERE!!

Allcoins - SEE GUIDE HERE!!

Speedup Faucets - SEE GUIDE HERE!!   Sign up clicking banners below.


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Speedup ETH.PNG
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